Selasa, 20 September 2011

Share journey - save money and planet


I am a green enthusiast, where I believe everybody has to play their role in preserving the community and the nature where we live for future generations to sustain. When South Africa is considered the numbers of people living in cities are much higher than compared to outskirts. When you have a closer look into the people in cities, most people travel to work from the same source to same destination for their daily work, by linking these people together few vital things can be achieved.

1. We can reduce the number of vehicles in our street, which in turn reduces traffic congestion.
2. We can reduce the amount of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere, which preserves our environment and gives cleaner air to breathe and contributes for slowing down factors related to global warming.
3. We can save more money which will improve our living standards.
4. It also reduces the number of parking places required.

By considering all these factors we have developed a website "" for the travelling people to communicate with each other. This website does not charge anything for the service provided, please make full use of the website and have a pleasant journey.

Website :

For more information please contact us at

With Regards
Team TravelShareSouthAfrica
(Avoid pollution & Save money)

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