Jumat, 09 Januari 2015

LINE Email Address Verification Message

Verification code: 6367

This is an automatic response sent to those who wish to register
an email address with LINE in order to verify that this is a valid address.

To register the following email address(iwankurniawan999@gmail.com)to "iwan kurniawan"
please enter the verification code listed above on your smartphone.

If you are reading this email on an iPhone or Android,
please tap the following link to complete the email registration process.


*By registering your email address to LINE,
you will be able to use the service on your PC in addition to your smartphone.
You will also be able to carry over your account and
access any downloaded stickers when changing to a new device.

Received this message by mistake?
This message is sent when an email address is registered to a LINE account.
You may have received this email in error
because another customer entered this email address by mistake.

If you received this message by mistake, please delete this email.
Your email address will not be registered
unless you enter the verification code listed above.

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